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Anthony W. Thomas, Larry Cardman and Hermann Grunder during Grunder's visit to JLab in 2007

12/13/21, 7:46 PM

Dr. Beverly Hartline held many positions at CEBAF. Although her work to support the Lab Director was invaluable, she did a great deal of outreach, particularly educational outreach, to the community to promote the Lab.

9/15/21, 12:36 PM

Christoph Leemann was the 2nd director of Jefferson Lab from 2000-2008.

12/14/21, 2:46 PM

Dr. Hermann A. Grunder was the first Director of Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility and had a literal hand in its formation and construction. During his approximately 40 years in the service of the National Laboratory system, Dr. Grunder served at multiples installations working aggressively to further understanding and support of science.

12/10/21, 3:50 PM

Dr. Nathan Isgur was a leading theoretical physicist who worked at Jefferson Lab from 1990 to 2001. He was the Lab's chief scientist and Theory Group Leader. During his career, Dr. Isgur greatly contributed to the understanding of the quark structure of matter.

9/14/21, 2:16 PM

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